A Winner Has Been Chosen!

If you haven’t heard the big news yet, the winner of our Facebook contest has officially been announced! We’d like to thank all of our wonderful friends for choosing to participate, but in the end there can only be one winner, so we’d like to extend another big congratulations to David O’Brien of Crestview, FL!

Four Position Reclining and Folding Adirondack Chair | DFC Woodworks

After almost two whole months of gathering entries, the contest has now come to an end and one of our new four position reclining and folding Adirondack chairs will soon be on its way to the O’Brien household! We’re sure that it will get plenty of outdoor-use down there in the Sunshine State! In fact, we’re told that as David anxiously waits for the arrival of his new Adirondack chair, he is already anticipating that his wife will quickly fall in love with it, as well! Something tells us we could be expecting an order for a matching chair soon enough! Not only will the one chair probably get pretty lonely, but a second chair could help to keep the competitive nature at bay when it comes to determining who gets to sit in the best Adirondack chair in the world each night!

We’re very excited to see David as the winner of our first ever competition like this, and we look forward to seeing his pictures soon! As for the rest of our friends, don’t despair! We’ve got some exciting news coming along soon for all those who subscribed to our monthly newsletter during the contest!

Be sure to stay tuned for more information!

(Posted by Francois Bruneau of DFC Woodworks Inc.)

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