Unique Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day gift idea

Mothers day gift idea

With both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, as they do every year, isn’t it time you get something different for mom or dad? Sure, you could get them a card, some candy, and flowers for her, or a necktie for him, but the reality is your mom or dad would love to be surprised with an unusual gift this year.

Every one sits. And your mom or dad could have a personalized Adirondack chair for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. You choose the message you want laser engraved on the chair, and that way, every time your mom or dad walks by the chair or sits in it, they’ll see a tangible expression of your love on display.

DFC Woodworks Inc. manufactures Adirondack chairs in North America, and can ship them to your home rather quickly, in time for the big day. Unlike most Adirondack chairs, DFC Woodworks Inc. makes them special because they are customized for you, the buyer. Custom etching of a person’s name, loving quotes, and even images are done with a state-of-the-art laser. Unlike plaques that can fall off, the etchings are embedded within the wood surface with excellent detail and precision.

Father’s Day Gift

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Your custom text for mom or dad can be placed on the front slat of one of DFC’s beautiful Adirondack chairs, although it can go in a different location upon request. Think about how surprised your parent would be to receive a personalized Adirondack chair with your and/or their name on it!

DFC Woodworks Inc. cares about delivering Adirondack chairs to your liking. Your chair can be customized with higher back slats, wider seats, or wider arms. DFC’s motto is, “We build it right or not at all.”

This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, give your parent a unique gift: a customized, personalized Adirondack chair. It will be a gift that lasts for years and years, always reminding your parent how much you love and care for them.  For more information and examples of personalized chairs check out  our site here.

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