True Weather Proof Furniture

A lot of people have to wonder what outdoor furniture to choose for true sustainability against the elements.

Of course, one style to choose is the wicker chair, love seat, couch, etc. And please, don’t get me wrong, wicker furniture is a very nice choice. It looks cool, withstands rain and dries pretty quickly. But, the thing about wicker is… it doesn’t last. Once one strand of that wicker goes, it’s a slippery slope until the thing isn’t usable or even appealing to look at anymore. Plus, most wicker furniture requires a cushion of some sort to be comfortable. In case it isn’t obvious, no matter what material a cushion is made of, it stains very easily! This is especially the case outdoors, where rain, leaf oils, animals and more can wreak havoc on even durable materials.

So, that’s why we make Adirondack furniture. People deserve outdoor furniture that won’t get destroyed over time. Yes, like anything else, you want to take care of your Adirondack chairs, but you won’t have to worry about its beauty or integrity fading nearly as soon as wicker, plastic or other outdoor furnishings.

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