The Importance of a Guaranty

You should not have to stress over the quality of anything that you purchase, especially expensive purchases. Yeah, sure, if you buy headphones for $10, maybe you should expect them to break sooner than a more expensive pair. But, when buying furniture, you should have true assurance that the quality will hold up for years, not end up like this:

That’s why we don’t mess around with our guaranty: 10 years. What does this mean? If a piece of your furniture breaks, splits, cracks… whatever… we will replace it, free of charge. This includes shipping! What company can you think of that offers this? Not many (if any).


So, if you look to buy anĀ AdirondackĀ chair, make the right choice. Choose quality and trustworthiness. If a 10 year guaranty doesn’t garner trust… what will?!

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