The Best Adirondack Chair Finishing Process

We wanted to take some time to explain why The Best Adirondack Chair truly makes the best!


As you’ll see in the beginning of this video, water simply falls right off of our beautiful Muskoka wood furniture. But how do we accomplish this?

First, it comes down to the quality of the stain: Cetol 1 by Sikkens. We dip every component of the furniture into a vat of stain, then let the pieces dry. Then we apply three more coats with a spray, polishing in between each coat for the impeccable finish, unique to our Adirondack furniture.

This is why we can offer our unparalleled guaranty: 10 years, no hassle! We stand by our products so that you can get the quality that you deserve in your outdoor chairs, ottomans and tables.

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