The Benefits of Cedar

The term “Adirondack Chair” refers to the look and build, not the wood. Therefore, one could build an Adirondack chair from a variety of woods, including cypress, pine, or mahogany, among others. A common wood used at The Best Adirondack Chair is Western Red Cedar, which has a plethora of advantages.

Western Red Cedar’s relative, Spanish cedar, is known for its use in cigar humidors, due to its ability to retain humidity without producing mold. Furthermore, it detracts insects, keeping one’s precious cigars from damage.

Western Red Cedar has similar advantages to Spanish cedar. A chair that resists mold without the necessity for stain is highly valuable. The natural insect repellant adds another dimension of outdoor comfort. Furthermore, the natural color progression of cedar, which turns from red to a natural sort of silver, adds a natural aesthetic unlike other furnishings that one might have.

Quality Western Red Cedar makes a chair, or any furniture, into a reliable, comfortable piece with tremendous personality. For more information on our Western Red Cedar chairs, check out our store.

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