Room For Adirondack Chairs During Ski Season? Absolutely!


Ski Season

The purpose of a ski resort is to let loose and have some fun on slopes with the reassurance that you have a cozy place to return to after a day of fun in the snow. When you’ve exhausted yourself in the cold, why not cozy up in one of our Adirondack chairs while getting warm by the fire?

Not only do our Adirondack chairs offer superior comfort and relaxation capabilities, they look great as an addition to a ski chalet’s outdoor décor. With a rustic and inviting presence, our Adirondack chairs and patio sets make it possible to fully enjoy yourself on your ski trip.

There are a variety of Adirondack chairs to choose from, but here are a few facts that make our Adirondack chairs even more appealing to ski lodgers.

1. Our wood is knot-free clear Western Red Cedar, which means the wood is durable and won’t come apart.

2. We use stainless steel hardware that does not wear down or rot.

3. No glue or nails are used which eliminates chances for the chair to fall apart.

4. Cedar wood is naturally rot resistance and repels against insects.

5. The stain we use is the very best and does not peel, crack or chip away.

As you can see, our chairs are designed to last through any weather condition including rain, snow and the bitter cold. The best place to set up your chairs is right in front of the fire pit. After you’ve hit the slopes, you can now spend the evening enjoying the stars, the fire and your company, all in our beautiful Adirondack chairs.

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