Don’t you just hate it when you love a business’s products, but they just don’t have the exact thing that you have in mind? Luckily for our customers, we offer even more than Adirondack chairs; we offer beautiful wooden furniture customization!

First of all: we can etch names, messages, logos, etc. into our standard products.

the best adirondack chair adirondack chair

So, if you love our chairs, but feel that they need a personal touch, have us etch your family name in there. Or, maybe you want to give one of our Adirondack chairs as a gift: add a message to let the receiver know that you are thinking about them. If you seek to use our muskoka wood chairs at your business, we’ll etch your company logo into the chair, making it into a true piece of your company.

Wood Chairs

But, what do you do if you seek something other than what we already offer? Well, as you’ll see from the images below, we can build almost anything out of wood, so, just let us know and we’ll see what we can come up with!

Personalization Personal chairs

folding chair

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