Sitting in Style This Summer

Sitting in Style This Summer
Once again summer is upon us. It is a time for all things outdoors. Camping, hiking, swimming, grilling, and perhaps most importantly, just hanging out with nature. If you are like most people, you want your outdoor experience to be the best it can be. A key factor in that is a really great outdoor chair. When you think great outdoor chair, only one type comes to mind. Adirondack chairs. They provide style and comfort for your outdoor time all summer long.

First, there is just the look. An Adirondack chair looks like a real piece of outdoor furniture. Made from high quality wood, these chairs are solid. Plus, the fact that they are real wood means there are so many ways you can customize them for a look that reflects your individual taste. There are a wide range of options in type of wood and staining to make sure you get a chair that is as visually appealing as it is comfortable.

Next, believe it or not is the flexibility of styles. You probably always think single chair, standard angle, and fixed position. If this is you, you have a lot more to explore. First, you can get a completely adjustable back that lets you go from nearly straight up to nearly completely laid back. There’s also a rocker option if you like a little motion in your relaxation. Maybe you are the cuddle with your sweetheart type? An Adirondack chair can handle that as well with seating built for closeness. Or, if you like, there are styles that seat two, provide separate space for each and also include a table and umbrella. There really is almost no outdoor seating need that this chair can’t accommodate in one of its personas. You can even find them in child size and single or double swinging options.

Last, but certainly not least on the list is the incredible durability. This comes from the fact that these chairs are made from great materials. Real wood stands the test of time and looks great season after season. These are chairs you buy once but enjoy for a lifetime. The initial investment may be a little higher, but in the end, they are the most economical option for your outdoor furniture needs.

This summer don’t let lack of a great chair keep you in the house. Take the time today to look through the selection and find the Adirondack chair that speaks to you. You’ll never regret the memories of a great summer outside whether all on your own enjoying the quiet or with the whole family there by your side. Make the investment in a lot of great summers to come now. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it long ago. And, you may just find yourself still sitting in the yard as the seasons change and the cooler winds of fall arrive. The yard may well become your favourite escape for more than just the summer. That is a value at any price.

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Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Outdoor Mother’s Day Gift

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day GiftWith summer right around the corner and good weather on the horizon, why not get the perfect outdoor Mother’s Day gift, choosing from our range of handcrafted, quality Adirondack furniture.

Whether you opt for one of our own best Adirondack chairs or patio sets, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your gift will be a long-lasting, useful and beautiful addition to any family garden.

See below to learn more about our range of wooden outdoor furniture, with information on suitability, and type, making it easier than it has ever been to please your mother this Mother’s Day!

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
1. Adirondack Chairs

Our Adirondack chairs are staple wooden outdoor furniture pieces and can be found in millions of gardens across the globe, thanks to their durability, lasting style and simplicity.

As well as the ‘classic’ chair, we offer ‘royal’, ‘grand’, ‘rocking’ and adjustable models, which are all handcrafted and offer an ergonomic spine-supporting design, holding up to 350lbs.

If your mother would rather be sat beside a loved one than alone, the two person ‘loveseat’ or ‘double’ chair would be a better suit, perfect for when mom wants a lengthy afternoon chat, sat side by side, overlooking her summer garden!

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
2. Adirondack patio sets

If you’re looking to really wow your mom this year, how about opting for one of our full Adirondack patio sets which are either comprised of a lounge chair (or a pair), a foot rest and side table, or a social set of four to six Adirondack chairs/benches and a table.

Your choice should depend on whether your mother is more of a socializer or a lounger; for a mom who likes to have al fresco dinners with friends and family opt for the table and chairs set, or for those moms who like to sit and read, opt for one of our lounge chair sets. There’s a choice for any mom!

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

3. Garden and porch swings

If your mom is someone who appreciates the fancier, more ornate things in life, why not choose one of our gorgeous garden swings, with a choice of simple and practical designs, or deluxe, roofed versions at the top end of our range.

Before buying, make a note of the size of your mom’s garden and where a swing might fit, including what design would best suit the environment. If you opt for an Adirondack furniture swing without pillars, check where you might be able to hang your seat from – such as a large tree or existing structure like a gazebo.
 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

4. Lounge chairs
If your mom’s a professional sun bather or simply likes to sit back and put her feet up with ease, our adjustable lounge chairs can’t go wrong. Like the best Adirondack chairs, they are ergonomically designed, comfortable and stylish, made from durable Western Red Cedar.

Depending on your mother’s colour tastes, our loungers are available unstained, unfinished or treated in light/golden or dark/mahogany.

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
5. Personalize your purchase

For that final special touch that your mom will certainly love, you can also opt to personalize your purchase with a loving message to mark the occasion. We are able to offer a customization service, allowing you to create a truly unique Mother’s Day gift.

In addition to custom laser etching of messages and greetings, we can also laser-etch logos, images and artwork for that extra special finish. For more information on customization, contact us by e-mail.

6. Gift certificates

Still can’t decide what Adirondack furniture you should choose for Mother’s Day? Well, fret no more, because our selection of gift certificates, ranging from as little as $50 up to $500, can be a great choice for those with slightly fussier moms!

This is also a brilliant option for families with many siblings who can’t afford to buy individual presents, but can chip in to pay for a larger set!

About Best Adirondack Chairs

At Best Adirondack Chairs we deliver the best Adirondack chairs and handcrafted wooden garden furniture of the highest quality, to you, anywhere in the world. In addition to Adirondack chairs, we sell patio sets, accessories, footrest and side tables, garden swings, lounge chairs and more, in many different designs and finishes.

The Best Adirondack Chairs’ no-risk returns policy shows we are committed to offering only the best quality wooden outdoor furniture. In the rare case that one of our customers is unhappy with their purchase, we make sure it won’t cost a dime to return the order to us.

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What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture

So, you’re preparing for summer and you’re thinking about investing in new wooden garden furniture. You’ve already decided that plastic is a no-no, having gone through 10 different sets over the last decade, and now you want to know how to go about choosing the best wooden outdoor furniture for you and your family.

You’ve come to the right place! Here at The Best Adirondack Chairs, we pride ourselves on knowing the qualities of the best wooden garden furniture, particularly Adirondack furniture, and have written a list of things to consider before buying, in order to get the most out of your purchases.

1. Think about what you’ll need
What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture

First thing’s first; how many members of the family are there and who’ll be sitting where? Do you need a dining area or just a comfy place to read the newspaper? If your household is made up of just one or two of you, you might consider opting for one or two lounge chairs in addition to a dining table and seating. Do you like to recline, rock, or sit upright? All good question to ask yourself and your other half!

Consider any meals you might have with friends and family and whether they’ll be additional space on those crowded days. Perhaps instead of additional seating you could opt for a couple of useful footrests?

2. Opt for easy care
What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture
Rather than buying wooden outdoor furniture that will need lots of upkeep, think about buying furniture that is pre-treated. While ordinary painted finishes can look good at first, after just a season, the finish will likely begin to peel and bubble, making more work for yourself.

At The Best Adirondack Chairs we have decades of experience in producing long-lasting wooden Adirondack furniture and offer a treatment service that is hard to beat. We immerse all our Adirondack furniture into 50 gallon vats of ‘Cetol 1’ by Sikkens, sealing every bit of the chair. After this, we lightly sand everything before cleaning and spraying on a second coat of stain. We repeat the process once more for luck, producing our famous high-shine finish which lasts anywhere between 4 to 14 years, depending on exposure to the elements and climate.

3. Consider storage

What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture
Think about the amount of storage space you’ll have for your new garden furniture and whether what you buy will fit nicely into it. There may be large sections of the year when the weather won’t allow you to enjoy your new wooden outdoor furniture so keeping it inside in the meantime is the best way to preserve and extend the life of even the highest quality wooden furniture.

All the Adirondack chairs, as well as most of the wooden outdoor furniture sets, at The Best Adirondack Chairs, are foldable for your storage convenience.

4. Go for quality!
What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture
The longevity of your new wooden garden furniture is key, but not all brands offer materials that are built to last. While plastics and metals will inevitably crack and rust, some – but not all – woods offer better resilience in all weathers.

If you’re looking for an investment, the cheapest woods on the market are no good as they will rot and warp in no time. Instead, opt for woods known for their strength such as teak, cedar, acacia, shorea, redwood or cypress. If you are eco-minded however, bear in mind that redwood is not a good choice as it is slow growing and in limited supply worldwide.

Here at The Best Adirondack Chairs we use Western cedar on all our Adirondack furniture as it is one of the strongest and most resistant woods on the market, while also being easy to match to other wooden furnishings as it is easy to stain. Because cedar retains moisture it is also more resistant to cracking than other woods.

5. Make your purchases work hard
What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture
To get the best value for money for your money, consider wooden garden furniture that doubles up for more than one purpose.

An ottoman or footrest can become extra seating for when you have a big family gathering, and a standard coffee table can have more than one use if you are imaginative. Even a humble bench can serve as both a small refreshments table as well as a perch for thoughtful moments looking out over your garden.

The Best Adirondack Chairs’ selection of lounge chairs are particularly good at doubling up, providing the perfect place to sit, read, sunbath, recline and nap!

6. Comfort
What to Consider When Choosing New Wooden Garden Furniture
Your wooden outdoor furniture will be good for nothing if it isn’t comfortable, so thinking about comfort first is a good way to ensure your purchases will see enough use! The reason why Adirondack furniture is such a staple in gardens across the world is because it provides both simplicity and comfort.

At The Best Adirondack Chairs all our Adirondack furniture is designed with comfort firmly in mind. Ergonomically designed to fit all manner of sizes and frames, our Adirondack chairs have been tried and tested for decades and remain the most comfortable cedar chairs on the market today.

About The Best Adirondack Chairs

At The Best Adirondack Chairs we do what we say we do; we offer the best Adirondack chairs and handcrafted wooden garden furniture of the highest quality, to you, wherever you are in the world. As well as Adirondack chairs, we also sell patio sets, accessories, footrest and side tables, garden swings, lounge chairs and more, in many different designs and finishes.

The Best Adirondack Chairs’ no-risk returns policy shows just how committed we are to offering long-lasting, high-quality wooden garden furniture. In the rare case that one of our customers is unhappy with their purchase, we make sure it won’t cost a dime to return the order to us. We are committed to customer satisfaction!

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7 of the World’s Most Beautiful Log Cabins

7 of the World’s Most Beautiful Log Cabins
As more and more of us attempt to escape from the modern world and get back to nature to pursue simpler lives, log cabin homes are inevitably gaining popularity.

But gone are the days when log cabin homes bring to mind lonely men with white beards whittling on their porches, nowadays a log cabin can be as stylish as a penthouse studio in New York… you just need to know where to look.

We at The Best Adirondack Chairs bring you our top 7 list of our beautiful log cabins from around the world…

1. Pioneer Log Homes – British Columbia, Canada

Oh, Canada, of course you’d make the top of the list. Pioneer Log Homes are based in British Columbia but also offer homes across Scotland in the UK. These beautiful log cabins, custom built from Western Red Cedar are not only sustainably built and state-of-the-art, they also offer some of the best views of BC’s famously spectacular scenery.

2. Plus Arkkitehdit’s Villa L – Southern Finland

Scandinavia is a haven for log cabin homes and Finland is no exception. Created by award winning architects at Plus Arkkitehdit, these villas are some of the most stylish we have seen, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek finishes and minimal design. And don’t let the Finnish weather put you off, because many of the beautiful log cabins in Plus Arkkitehdit’s portfolio come fitted with their own wood-heated saunas. Sold!

3. The ‘Garage’ – Seattle, United States

A feat of architecture, awarded for the 2014 Copper in Architecture award among others, the ‘Garage’ is one of a growing number of modern log cabin homes to utilize intelligent space-saving design, with hidden beds which fold into lounge chairs, cabinet doors, integrated solar panels and foldable patio doors.

4. Rorbuer Huts – Lofoten, Norway

A name made famous by their memorable, red-painted finishes and jaw-dropping backdrops, Rorbuer Huts are Norway’s most sought-after rural retreats. Once used as accommodation for fishermen and dating back as far as 1890, these log cabin homes have since been renovated and provide both solitude and clean air on the Lofoten Islands.

5. Drina River Home – Bajina Basta, Serbia

The craziest in our list of most beautiful log cabin homes, this cabin has been perched on a rock in the middle of the Serbian Drina River for over 45 years, even surviving through severe weather and flooding. Built from the remains of an old shed which was shipped in by a kayak, by some guys who just wanted a good sunbathing spot, this is human ingenuity at its best (or madness, you decide). Let’s just hope they brought their best Adirondack chairs inside when the storms came.

6. Hawk House – Central California, United States

Just seven by nine foot, nestled within a Californian Redwood canyon, Alex Wyndham’s ‘Hawk House’ is a fine example of sustainable and minimal living. While tiny, the design is both innovative and modern, featuring glass doors which fold out for a panoramic ocean view, offering a prime whale-watching spot from the comfort of your own bed.

7. Tiny Cabin in the Woods – New York, United States

Made from century-old salvaged barn wood and other sustainable materials, this is the eco-friendliest of the log cabin homes listed. Located in Sullivan County, Upstate New York, surrounded by forest and complete with raised balcony and massage room, this cabin wins its ‘eco’ title due to the fact is has no running water or electricity! But, no problem… the owners simply bathe in a nearby brook and use a composting toilet in the outhouse.

About The Best Adirondack Chair Company

At The Best Adirondack Chairs we do what we say we do; simply, offer the best Adirondack chairs and handcrafted furniture of the highest quality, to you, wherever you are in the world. As well as Adirondack chairs, we also sell patio sets, accessories, footrest and side tables, garden swings, lounge chairs and more, in many different designs and finishes.

You don’t have to live in one of the world’s most beautiful log cabins to buy our products… all you need is a love of the outdoors and of simple, timeless design.

Image credits:, Plus Arkkitehdit, Amos Morgan Photography

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The Royal Rideau Adirondack Chair – Keeping it Green within our community

12313715_1073080162702383_5227588950792020146_nIn the spirit of keeping it green, the Best Adirondack Chair Company has partnered up with the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation and will plant 10 trees for every Royal Rideau Adirondack Chair sold!

The Royal Rideau Adirondack chair is a tourism feature that has come out of the Visitor Experience Opportunity Concept, or VEOC, as developed by MP Gord Brown. This beautiful original design was commissioned by Forbes Symon, Director of Planning and Development for North Grenville.

The Kemptville Hospital District Foundation is quoted to say “The high quality and craftsmanship of your products is what sets you apart and why we value your contribution so highly. Your high quality Adirondack chairs are purchased at fundraisers, charities and tournaments. A true testament to how popular your products are”!

These Adirondack chairs are environmentally friendly as a renewable resource. The wood is purchased from mills that use harvested wood from re-growth saving our old growth forests and natural animal habitats.

For every tree removed, two new trees are planted in its place, renewing our wood supply for generations to come. Wood is also naturally bio-degradable thus do not end up as landfill. Western red Cedar can last generations before ending up as wood shaving for your great, great grandchild’s flower bed!

They also share a concern for the health of our families by avoiding wood that is chemically treated (such as pressure treated which has been linked to serious health issues). After 60 years of making the finest in outdoor Adirondack cedar furniture, rest assured that each generation of customers will be able to enjoy a continued healthy outdoor living lifestyle.

You will love these Adirondack chairs as they are the best in quality and workmanship, we guarantee it!

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Dream big with our handcrafted Royal Adirondack chairs



Imagine sitting on the precipice of the Grand Canyon on a beautiful handcrafted Adirondack chair.  I would have to say is one of those moments in your life where you want time to stop.

On a precipice overlooking the Grand Canyon while sitting on the Best Adirondack Chair in the world and watching the sun go down should definitely be on your bucket list!

It was one of those rare moments that just happened, we did not plan it, we did not expect and we did not see it coming, as all we wanted was just a nice picture.  We placed the Royal Adirondack chair on the edge on the canyon to get that picture perfect moment and then suddenly, it happened….


I found myself courageous enough to walk along the edge of the canyon, a height of about

8, 000 feet from the bottom of the canyon, and I did not dare look down.  I held onto the 33 lb chair, held my breath and dared to walk along the edge just to get that best seat in the house.

What an awe inspiring moment, it was breathtaking!  The most breath-taking view from the canyon that I had ever seen.  We just sat there and stared out into the horizon and felt like we were experiencing a little bit of heaven, and a piece of paradise.


Now you are probably wondering what we were doing with Adirondack chairs at the Grand Canyon, well, we actually travelled to Sedona, Arizona to meet one our clients, “The Cozy Cactus Bed & Breakfast in Sedona.  We borrowed two of their chairs and made our way to the Grand Canyon for some fantastic pictures.  Yes, most of the pictures you see on The Best Adirondack are all from customers from all over the world, from North America, to South America, Europe and so many more locations.


Now back to my story.  As the sun set, we gazed on the beauty of the different colours right before our eyes and at the sheer wonder of Mother Nature’s beauty.

As we wanted to get that perfect picture, we knew that we would be there awhile so we packed ourselves a picnic, had a twilight dinner  for two on two handcrafted Royal Adirondack chairs, the ultimate romantic and private dinner date.

If it were not for these high quality Adirondack chairs and “The Cozy Cactus”, we would probably not have made this trip nor enjoyed this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What would be your destination for one of these beautiful handcrafted western red cedar Adirondack chairs, and remember, dream BIG!


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Adirondack chairs make a unique Handmade Christmas Gift Idea

Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you ever thought of buying a unique handmade christmas gift idea for your loved ones?

A great idea to make their Christmas so much cozier and oh, so much more comfortable is to consider buying them a handcrafted and ergonomically hand built Cedar Adirondack Chair! That being said, you would want to buy the Best Adirondack Chair for that special someone.

We can make it easy for you during this busy Christmas season and help you find the perfect Adirondack chair. That special and unique gift that you have been looking for, and yes, for quite a while.

Our Western Red Cedar Folding and Handcrafted Adirondack Furniture makes a great outdoor Christmas gift idea. Here are some of the reasons why our chairs are the best in the market!

Our handcrafted and high quality Adirondack chairs supports up to 350Ibs and are ergonomically designed for spine support with a comfortable curved seat. Every one of our chairs folds for easy storage and we only use FSC certified wood. Come check out these perfect gift ideas at, you will be so happy you did and you will find many more reasons why we make the perfect Adirondack chair for this special season!

Best of all, we offer a 10 year written guarantee on workmanship. We even pay the return shipping if you are not completely satisfied with your order.

Also, for that special someone, you may want to consider personalizing your Adirondack furniture with a customer laser etching too.

What a perfect idea for Christmas! So, don’t wait, and order that special gift for that special someone today! The earlier you order, the more of a guarantee we can have it built, shipped and delivered right to your door , just in time for Christmas.

Get that special someone in your family a great Christmas gift they will be excited about having under the tree this festive season with one of our quality handcrafted Adirondack cedar chairs.

You won’t find a better handmade christmas gift idea, why not Call NOW, toll free at 1-800-418-1433, to order that perfect gift idea, or shop our online store!


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The Best Adirondack Rocking Chairs Hit the Market

New Solid Western Red Cedar Adirondack Rocker

New Solid Western Red Cedar Adirondack Rocker

The Best Adirondack Chair company, has launched a new product on the Market today just in time for Christmas, with their brand new High Quality Folding Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Adirondack Rocking Chairs.

After many years of development and countless demands, we are proud to finally introduce our new Adirondack Rocking Chairs. We combined the ergonomic comfort of our Royal Adirondack chair with its contoured seat and curved back with the addition of 2 solidly made rockers. The Royal chair is transformed to the ultimate outdoor rocking chair.

New Adirondack Rocker

Great for the Pool, Patio or Cottage

On Sale Now Just in Time for Christmas

Best of all, our New Royal Adirondack Rocking Chairs are currently on Sale, and make a great Christmas Gift just in time for Christmas!

Free Shipping and Free Returns

Not only are our New Rocking Chairs on Sale, but they also ship Free to Continental USA and Canada. We also offer Free Returns if you are not completely satisfied with your order.

Here are some of the Royal Rocking Chair Benefits

  • Please Note: This is not a Kit, our All our Royal Adirondack Chairs come 90% assembled with an easy to follow photo instruction guide to final assembly
  • Supports up to 350 lbs.
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfort
  • Comfortable Curved Seat
  • Folds for Easy Storage
  • Durable and Functional
  • Resistant to Rot and Insect damage
  • Surfaces are Sanded to a fine finish
  • We use only FSC Certified Wood

How to Order our New Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Order Online: Visit our Adirondack Chair Online Store and order our Rockers online by adding them to your shopping cart.

Order By Phone: Call us Toll Free 1-800-418-1433 we would love to hear from you!

Email US: Send us an Email to:



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Fall in Love with Our Adirondack Chairs this Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks ago, there’s no doubt that love is in the air. So do yourself a favor and fall in love with one of our impeccably designed Adirondack Chairs! If you order yours now, you probably won’t physically have it until well after the holiday, but you know what they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder! We can’t think of anything better to look forward to.

Inscription and Etching Services | The Best Adirondack Chair

If you happen to live around the east coast in either the U.S. or Canada, you know firsthand that the winter season has been less than loving this year. Though it doesn’t look like the cold and snow will be letting up any time soon, we can all get through it together by thinking warm thoughts of spending time on the back deck in our extremely comfortable Adirondack Chairs.

If you’re already enjoying a couple of our chairs, now is the perfect time to start thinking about adding to your collection! We would highly suggest checking out a few of our top-quality tables and ottomans to complete the look, or go in an entirely new direction with a porch or glider swing instead! Any of which would make for the greatest belated-Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other!

Want to take it one step further for your sweetheart? Ask us about our inscription and etching services, which can be added to any of our chairs! May we suggest something along the lines of, “My love for you will last as long as this seat below you” – after all, our Adirondack Chairs do last more than a lifetime! We even have our ten year guarantee to prove it!

There’s really no better gift than quality time spent together, and doing so on your own matching Adirondack chairs, or swinging together on one of our gliders only makes it that much better! It may be six more weeks of winter, but we’re sure your excitement over the arrival of your new outdoor furniture will make the time pass that much faster!

(Posted by Francois Bruneau of DFC Woodworks Inc.)

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A Winner Has Been Chosen!

If you haven’t heard the big news yet, the winner of our Facebook contest has officially been announced! We’d like to thank all of our wonderful friends for choosing to participate, but in the end there can only be one winner, so we’d like to extend another big congratulations to David O’Brien of Crestview, FL!

Four Position Reclining and Folding Adirondack Chair | DFC Woodworks

After almost two whole months of gathering entries, the contest has now come to an end and one of our new four position reclining and folding Adirondack chairs will soon be on its way to the O’Brien household! We’re sure that it will get plenty of outdoor-use down there in the Sunshine State! In fact, we’re told that as David anxiously waits for the arrival of his new Adirondack chair, he is already anticipating that his wife will quickly fall in love with it, as well! Something tells us we could be expecting an order for a matching chair soon enough! Not only will the one chair probably get pretty lonely, but a second chair could help to keep the competitive nature at bay when it comes to determining who gets to sit in the best Adirondack chair in the world each night!

We’re very excited to see David as the winner of our first ever competition like this, and we look forward to seeing his pictures soon! As for the rest of our friends, don’t despair! We’ve got some exciting news coming along soon for all those who subscribed to our monthly newsletter during the contest!

Be sure to stay tuned for more information!

(Posted by Francois Bruneau of DFC Woodworks Inc.)

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