Metal Versus Wood – Who Wins

Well, if you know what we sell, you probably know our answer to this question. I’ll admit, I’m a little biased, but hear me out before you make up your mind…

2 years ago, we received an email after a storm tore down a large spruce tree in one of our customer’s yard. Of course, the tree had to fall right on their deck, crushing their patio furniture! But, take a look at the photo below:

Metal Versus Wood

Notice anything? The tree actually fell on both of the pieces of furniture above, yet our chair still remains structurally sound! All the customer needed was a few replacement pieces due to some scratches, but the chair still look beautiful and stands straight.

In any case, the metal chair lost this round. But, what about appearance? Maybe this point is a little relative. One person can like metal while another likes wood. And that’s fine, but you’ll notice that wood really offers a timeless appeal that  most metal furniture can’t offer. So, if you ask me, wooden Adirondack furniture wins in the looks department too!

Lastly, you have comfort. Personally I’ve never met a person who could stand sitting in a metal chair for too long. Metal is great for a lot of purposes, but to make comfortable furniture… not so much.

So, Muskoka wood furniture wins against metal. Do you agree? Let us know what you think!

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