Maximize Your Lounging Experience With Ideal Adirondack Chair Accessories

Maximize your lounging experience with ideal Adirondack chair accessories

We hope you’re relaxing in your Adirondack chair as you read this post, if we could too, we would!

So you’ve been enjoying your Adirondack chair, and that’s great. Now here’s an opportunity to maximize your lounging experience.

Read on to learn about our perfect accessories to accompany your beautiful, handcrafted Adirondack chair.

Our accessories are made of western red cedar, which is the same quality and resilient wood used for the chairs. Our accessory list includes ottomans, end tables, side tables and curved outdoor garden benches.

For the ultimate reclining experience, check out our ottomans.

–          The job of an ottoman is to create a space for leg rest. The lightweight design, smooth surface and strong handiwork make the ottoman an ideal furniture piece to complement your Adirondack chair. Plus, the ottoman is an additional seating option.

–           The ottoman has two different positions. The upright position allows comfort for your legs by eliminating pressure points with a flat surface. The slanted position reclines the body for maximum comfort capability. Switching from positions is quick and easy. We are the only Adirondack chair company that offers an ottoman with two adjustable positions.

Next on the list is our 24-inch round side table.

–          Need a place for drinks, snacks or your favorite book? Try our stylish round side table. Built with wide legs to prevent tipping, the durability of the table proves to be a welcome accessory for outdoor living.

Complete your outdoor furniture set with an oval end table.

–          The end table has the same function as the side table, just on a bigger scale. You can decorate the outdoor space by placing beautiful floral arrangements on your table or use the table as storage for food and drinks. Spills will not damage the surface as all of our furniture pieces are protected during fabrication.

Last, but certainly not least, our custom curved outdoor garden bench will add to the beauty of your garden.

–          This unique piece of furniture can decorate your garden in a simple, non-intrusive way. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality and the look turns a plain garden into place of tranquility.

Our website provides additional sizing, staining and ordering accessory information.

Our business promotes relaxation, so now’s the time to take advantage of our furniture. You deserve to lounge and we’re happy to help you accomplish just that!

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