Forever means forever

Nothing lasts forever, right?

Wrong. The Forever Chair from Best Adirondack Chair does. They feature a lifetime guarantee on their Forever Chair and if a part or a piece of chair was to break, just send it to the manufacturer and they will replace it no questions asked. You don’t even need a receipt.

To show how confident they are in their forever chairs check out the testing video they made.


The chair is made out of Ipe wood, the same wood that was used on to build one of America’s most famous boardwalks – the Atlantic City boardwalk. If that’s stood the test of time, well so will this chair.

With the classic Adirondack chair style and handmade craftsmanship, it’s a chair you can sit in for a long time and one that you grandchildren will get to enjoy too. Because of its high durability, this chair would be perfect for high traffic areas at hotels or beach side restaurant lounges.

Right now, Best Adirondack Chair is offering the chair for $795, a savings of $400 over its original price. Add $10 and you can get a personalized etching on the chair.

Cars, houses, businesses and even marriages don’t last forever, but the Forever Adirondack Chair, yeah, that’s something you can bet will last a lot longer.

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