Dream big with our handcrafted Royal Adirondack chairs



Imagine sitting on the precipice of the Grand Canyon on a beautiful handcrafted Adirondack chair.  I would have to say is one of those moments in your life where you want time to stop.

On a precipice overlooking the Grand Canyon while sitting on the Best Adirondack Chair in the world and watching the sun go down should definitely be on your bucket list!

It was one of those rare moments that just happened, we did not plan it, we did not expect and we did not see it coming, as all we wanted was just a nice picture.  We placed the Royal Adirondack chair on the edge on the canyon to get that picture perfect moment and then suddenly, it happened….


I found myself courageous enough to walk along the edge of the canyon, a height of about

8, 000 feet from the bottom of the canyon, and I did not dare look down.  I held onto the 33 lb chair, held my breath and dared to walk along the edge just to get that best seat in the house.

What an awe inspiring moment, it was breathtaking!  The most breath-taking view from the canyon that I had ever seen.  We just sat there and stared out into the horizon and felt like we were experiencing a little bit of heaven, and a piece of paradise.


Now you are probably wondering what we were doing with Adirondack chairs at the Grand Canyon, well, we actually travelled to Sedona, Arizona to meet one our clients, “The Cozy Cactus Bed & Breakfast in Sedona.  We borrowed two of their chairs and made our way to the Grand Canyon for some fantastic pictures.  Yes, most of the pictures you see on The Best Adirondack Chair.com are all from customers from all over the world, from North America, to South America, Europe and so many more locations.


Now back to my story.  As the sun set, we gazed on the beauty of the different colours right before our eyes and at the sheer wonder of Mother Nature’s beauty.

As we wanted to get that perfect picture, we knew that we would be there awhile so we packed ourselves a picnic, had a twilight dinner  for two on two handcrafted Royal Adirondack chairs, the ultimate romantic and private dinner date.

If it were not for these high quality Adirondack chairs and “The Cozy Cactus”, we would probably not have made this trip nor enjoyed this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What would be your destination for one of these beautiful handcrafted western red cedar Adirondack chairs, and remember, dream BIG!


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