Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Outdoor Mother’s Day Gift

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day GiftWith summer right around the corner and good weather on the horizon, why not get the perfect outdoor Mother’s Day gift, choosing from our range of handcrafted, quality Adirondack furniture.

Whether you opt for one of our own best Adirondack chairs or patio sets, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your gift will be a long-lasting, useful and beautiful addition to any family garden.

See below to learn more about our range of wooden outdoor furniture, with information on suitability, and type, making it easier than it has ever been to please your mother this Mother’s Day!

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
1. Adirondack Chairs

Our Adirondack chairs are staple wooden outdoor furniture pieces and can be found in millions of gardens across the globe, thanks to their durability, lasting style and simplicity.

As well as the ‘classic’ chair, we offer ‘royal’, ‘grand’, ‘rocking’ and adjustable models, which are all handcrafted and offer an ergonomic spine-supporting design, holding up to 350lbs.

If your mother would rather be sat beside a loved one than alone, the two person ‘loveseat’ or ‘double’ chair would be a better suit, perfect for when mom wants a lengthy afternoon chat, sat side by side, overlooking her summer garden!

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
2. Adirondack patio sets

If you’re looking to really wow your mom this year, how about opting for one of our full Adirondack patio sets which are either comprised of a lounge chair (or a pair), a foot rest and side table, or a social set of four to six Adirondack chairs/benches and a table.

Your choice should depend on whether your mother is more of a socializer or a lounger; for a mom who likes to have al fresco dinners with friends and family opt for the table and chairs set, or for those moms who like to sit and read, opt for one of our lounge chair sets. There’s a choice for any mom!

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

3. Garden and porch swings

If your mom is someone who appreciates the fancier, more ornate things in life, why not choose one of our gorgeous garden swings, with a choice of simple and practical designs, or deluxe, roofed versions at the top end of our range.

Before buying, make a note of the size of your mom’s garden and where a swing might fit, including what design would best suit the environment. If you opt for an Adirondack furniture swing without pillars, check where you might be able to hang your seat from – such as a large tree or existing structure like a gazebo.
 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

4. Lounge chairs
If your mom’s a professional sun bather or simply likes to sit back and put her feet up with ease, our adjustable lounge chairs can’t go wrong. Like the best Adirondack chairs, they are ergonomically designed, comfortable and stylish, made from durable Western Red Cedar.

Depending on your mother’s colour tastes, our loungers are available unstained, unfinished or treated in light/golden or dark/mahogany.

 Adirondack Chairs: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
5. Personalize your purchase

For that final special touch that your mom will certainly love, you can also opt to personalize your purchase with a loving message to mark the occasion. We are able to offer a customization service, allowing you to create a truly unique Mother’s Day gift.

In addition to custom laser etching of messages and greetings, we can also laser-etch logos, images and artwork for that extra special finish. For more information on customization, contact us by e-mail.

6. Gift certificates

Still can’t decide what Adirondack furniture you should choose for Mother’s Day? Well, fret no more, because our selection of gift certificates, ranging from as little as $50 up to $500, can be a great choice for those with slightly fussier moms!

This is also a brilliant option for families with many siblings who can’t afford to buy individual presents, but can chip in to pay for a larger set!

About Best Adirondack Chairs

At Best Adirondack Chairs we deliver the best Adirondack chairs and handcrafted wooden garden furniture of the highest quality, to you, anywhere in the world. In addition to Adirondack chairs, we sell patio sets, accessories, footrest and side tables, garden swings, lounge chairs and more, in many different designs and finishes.

The Best Adirondack Chairs’ no-risk returns policy shows we are committed to offering only the best quality wooden outdoor furniture. In the rare case that one of our customers is unhappy with their purchase, we make sure it won’t cost a dime to return the order to us.

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