A Natural Aesthetic

Simplicity goes a long way insofar as design goes. This may be why so many people enjoy the natural beauty of wood furnishings and accessories. Take thisĀ AdirondackĀ bench, for example:

Adirondack Bench

The simple design allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. Notice how straight wood boards have been cut into a curved shape for the seat portion of the chair. The contradicting lines on the seat make for an interesting appeal on the eyes, yet the design is still so simple, minimalist, one might say.

Natural Aesthetic

These benches not only make for a practical, weather-proof yard seat, they can even work as a corner bench in your home. Many people, this season, have taken a hold of the wood aesthetic in their homes. Some furnishing designers have even stripped upholstery from chairs and couches, revealing the wooden framework for a rustic appeal. This bench can make for a great practical accent in your home. Of course, you could use it in your yard or on your porch as well.

So, in whatever way you can think, take advantage of the wood aesthetic. It’s timeless, beautiful and practical.

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